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Send your contributions to following email address: .

Please always provide following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your email address
  3. the institution you are currently working at
  4. if you like, the address of your personal homepage

  • Apoptopedia:

    You can contribute new definitions of terms for the glossary or short reviews concerning a certain subject. Also diagrams depicting apoptotic pathways are very welcome to be added to the collecion of the Apoptopedia. In any case, please give at least one reference for the facts provided.
    Maybe you have nice photos of e.g. cells undergoing apoptosis or of events monitored by confocal microscopy, immunostaining, electron microscopy, fluorescence labelling, time-lapse photography etc. you would like to present to the public, you are cordially invited to do so.

  • ApoMethods:

    Please feel free to contribute lab protocols which prooved to be useful and reliable. A short introduction about the basic idea and purpose of the method provided would be welcome. Also of value would be remarks about critical steps in the protocol as well as a literature reference in which the method has been applied.

  • ApoLinks:

    If you know interesting and/or useful links of all kinds which should be added to ApoLinks, please let us know.

  • ApoLabs:

    If you like your lab to be added to Apolabs, please give us

    • the principal investigator's name
    • the lab's homepage address
    • your institution's name, city, state, and country
    • a short description of your lab's research interests

  • ApoJobs:

    If you are offering open positions to Ph.D.s, Ph.D. students, research scientists, or research assistants in apoptosis-related research, please provide following information:

    • your name
    • your email address
    • your institute's postal address
    • if you have: your lab's homepage address
    • what kind of position you offer
    • approximate time period for which you offer the position
    • short description of the project, techniques involved, your expectations of the candidate...

    If you are seeking open positions, please provide following information:

    • your name
    • your title (MSc, Ph.D., M.D. ...)
    • your email address
    • the institution's address you are currently affiliated with
    • if you have: your personal homepage address
    • the approximate date at which you could start with a new job
    • your research interests, techniques you have experience with ...